After a week of very intense competition we have reached the final stretch of this of the 1º Torneo Internacional David Ferrer ended, since today the individual semifinals have been played, where on the one hand Nikolas Sanchez Izquierdo and Pablo Llamas Ruiz(ATF Player) have faced resulting in the victory of Nikolas who won by 6/4 6/1, while on the other side of the table we had the confrontation of Emilio Navas which came from the qualy against Pol Martin Tiffon, in this match Emilio Navas won 6/4 7/5. These two matches have been spectacular, being a shame that due to the current conditions they have only been seen by other players and their companions.

On the other hand, today the doubles draw final was also played where the couple made up of Carlos Sanchez Jover and Jose Fco. Vidal Azorin played against the couple made up of Sergi Perez Contri and Raul Brancaccio , giving the latter the winners after two match sets ending 6/3 6/4.

We have had an intense week with a very high level tennis, but this does not end here since tomorrow will see the individual final of this 1st International David Ferrer Tournament between Nikolas Sanchez Izquierdo and Emilio Navas , in addition to the beginning of the qualy of the 2nd International David Ferrer Tournament .


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