Yesterday after a few hard days of competition, the quali of the 1st David Ferrer International Tournament ended.Without a doubt where there has been a very high level by the players. In addition to this, the first round of the main draw began this same day where you could see the tension in these first final draw matches, others for their part were training for a while to prepare for tomorrow's matches, such as Íñigo Cervantes´s case, ATF player . and former number 56th in the world, who was training with Javier Barranco who is currently 324th in the world and also belongs to the academy.

Also in these days the weather problems that delayed the games for almost two days have been overcome,. thanks also to the great work of the technical team present at the ATF ..

Here we leave some images of what has been these intense days of competition and the information and draws of both the quali and main draw.

A big hug and remember that on the page we will continue commenting on the latest news from the ATF . and talking about the final phase of this interesting tournament.

PS: For more information about the 1st International David Ferrer Tournament and the draw, click here







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