In 2010 the Ferrer Tennis Academy was born in Jávea, specifically in the Jávea Tennis Club, by the hand of Javier Ferrer Ern, one of the current directors of it.

Its beginnings were focused on creating a good base of children that years later are bearing fruit and today there are many of them, along with others from all over the world, who are part of the Academy's competition team.

In 2013, the Ferrer Tennis Academy saw the need to broaden its expectations in order to offer a broader service and more personalized attention to each player and their families, which is when it decided to open a new headquarters in Benidorm , and for a year it has been inaugurating modern facilities in the Ciudad Deportiva Camilo Cano.

At this time, the Ferrer Tennis Academy is directed by Javier Ferrer, backed by Israel Vior and Gonzalo Morell.

Javier and Israel, two former professional tennis players, meet while training and competing as juniors in Barcelona, where they soon strike up a good friendship that years later is bearing fruit. Those who are lucky enough to know these two tennis professionals know very well that they form an unbeatable team, complementing each other and thereby achieving such a good work and team environment, on and off the court, that each player/ a feels like at home, thus getting the best out of each of them.

Javier Ferrer, has been dedicated to professional tennis for more than 28 years, as a player and later as a coach, has studied and launched, together with innumerable tennis professionals, his own teaching method, which has managed to give many positive results in this sport, being able to see many of them reflected in players like David Ferrer, Iñigo Cervantes and Pablo Andújar, others have been national champions in several categories and top 10 in ITF juniors; in the case of David Ferrer, he spent 11 consecutive seasons in the Top 20 ATP and 7 of them in the TOP10, and finishing four of them among the Top 5.

Israel Vior, has also been dedicated to the world of tennis for almost three decades, first as a player and later as a coach of professional players such as the Portuguese Joao Sousa, , the Spaniards Iñigo Cervantes and Arnau Brugues, or the Canadian Steven Diez, among others.


Developing brilliant technique is one of the facets of the Player Development Program.

With a mix of personal training and the latest and greatest in video shot analysis tools, he develops an impeccable foundation of technical skills along with an arsenal of weapons for each player to use. can use them in the decisive moments of a match.

Training includes detailed supervision of how to play points and matches, where tactics and strategies are analyzed and then tested again in competition.

This gradual introduction to pressure and competitive situations develops in players technical experience, tactical skills and the mental toughness required to win championships.


Each one of them will adapt to our training method and our philosophy, where important values for tennis will appear, such as sportsmanship, education, perseverance, social commitment and knowing how to be, “because we create players elite, but we also create people” (Javier Ferrer).

We must point out that our methodology is internationally recognized, proof of this is that in recent years it has been fully implemented, through conventions and agreements signed with countries such as Mexico, the United States and the United States. and China, and with coaches prepared and qualified for it, thus achieving the globalization of our training system.


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